Friday, 18 September 2015

Getting back to my roots

This summer I took the opportunity to be a tourist for a day or two. So did all the usual things in London. Buckingham palace, houses of parliament, Trafalgar square etc. No feeding of pidgeons in  Trafalgar any more. I remember being taken as a little girl to the square especially to feed the pidgeons, who would practically mug you for your seeds. Scary when you are little.

I also had my first visit to Madame Tussauds. So many of the creative people in there (actors, directors etc) are really quite short in real life. I was very uncomfortable for the first ten minutes. The waxworks are so lifelike, I kept expecting them to come to life and start moving.

I also managed to rock up in Leceister Square at the same time as the premier of Legend, and Tom Hardy did not seem very tall from my vantage point. (see observation above). The carpet was not red, but a dark blue. Is that significant? I don't know.

Finished up having a laugh at a comedy club. A good way to conclude a busy day.

Monday, 28 July 2014

Its rather nice around here

Its rather lovely in Birkhamstead.

Friday, 18 July 2014

A brilliant place to visit

If you ever get to Liverpool, I highly recommend a visit to the Walker Gallery. Whats on offer is a wide range of artwork, with, I think, something for everyone.
First of all, this painting just immediately caught my attention.

Now something new and modern and completely unique, a huge applique artwork from Grayson Perry, a very interesting character/s.

This made my eyes go a bit squiffy. Hang on a minute, suddenly it makes sense.

Liverpool and music

Liverpool, home of the Beatles or other music talents.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Showing the love

A whole lot of loving going on

Scenes from around the Albert Docks

Some scenes of Liverpool, around the Albert Docks area.

Now that's a BBQ

Mine host knows how to do a good BBQ.